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New app: Fog of War

Surprise, new app in RPGist! With pride I present you Fog of War: http://fogofwar.rpgist.net

There are already a lot of apps out there that manage maps, tokens, and battles in general, but they make you work a lot and take forever to prepare everything before the sessions. Ain't nobody got time for that!

The idea of Fog of War is to be simple, practical and objective!

With Fog of War, you open the app in the middle of the session, prepare the map in 30 seconds, then show it to the players; and is may go on making the next rooms visible easily as they explore them.

You can even paint the map with your fingers, it works on the tablets!

It's the first version, it will get better with time.

Use and abuse. And please feel free to send suggestions and bug in the comments below!