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Muticlass support on the D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper

The spellsheet manager of the RPGist D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper already allowed characters to have multiple classes, but it did not correctly apply the rule for sharing spell slots between them.

Previously, upon entering your multiclass character's "Play" page, each class had its own spell slots, which were managed independently: by burning a spell slot from one class, the spell slots of the other classes were unaffected.

The Rule As Written (RAW) is that characters with levels in multiple spellcaster classes, i. e. the ones that have the "Spellcasting" class feat, should share spell slots between them. The Warlock class is an exception, since it has the "Pact Magic" feat instead of "Spellcasting".

In order to know how many spell slots the character has in each spell level, the player must add together the levels his character possesses in every spellcaster class and consult the Multiclass Spellcaster: Spell Slots per Spell Level table on PHB p. 165, which is basically the same as the tables of spell lots of Clerics, Druids, Sorcerers and Magicians. Every 2 full levels in Paladin or Ranger count as 1 and every 3 full levels in Fighter (Eldritch Knight) or Rogue (Arcane Trickster) count as 1.

But don't worry, the Spellcaster Helper takes care of that for you!

Another rule that the Spellcaster Helper didn't support was the possibility of using spell slots from any spellcaster class to cast Warlock spells and vice-versa.

When you go to the "Play" page of your characters, you should notice these 2 news:

  1. spell slots are now shared between classes that have the "spellcasting" class feat
  2. characters who have levels in both Warlock and other spellcaster classes can now use Warlock spell slots to cast spells from the other classes and vice versa.

That's it for today. Soon there will be more updates on the Spellcaster Helper.

Good games!