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Moving the Spellcaster Helpers to a new host

The RPGist D&D 5e Spellcaster Helpers is moving to a new host. During the early hours of today, the database will be frozen until the migration finishes.

At the end of the migration, everything should be back to normal. I'll let you know on a post here and on social networks when it's done.

I will now directly manage the site server and database, so there may be some stumbling along the way. It would be really helpful if, when they see something wrong, I'd let me know at admin@rpgist.net or on social networks.

The reason for the migration is financial. Anyone who has been following RPGist posts for a while has read this a few times: I have personally incurred the server costs of all RPGist apps for years. Ads and donations (https://donate.rpgist.net) help, but do not cover the costs. This migration will ease it a lot.

The migration required some updates to the site. I will talk about them in an upcoming post.

Thanks for your understanding and good games!