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Enabling general access to LFG

I'm enabling access to every location in the RPGist's RPG Looking for Group platform.

Back then the search engine only allowed searching for RPGists next to you, to play in person. It did not make sense then to give access to those who were not to find any result, by the absence of other registered RPGists in its proximities.

Now it is possible for RPGists to declare interest in playing remotely, which eliminates this issue.

For now, the enabled locations are as follows. In the coming days, I'll be enabling and posting the other locations that have at least one registered RPGists.

  • Taubaté
  • Juiz de Fora
  • Salvador
  • Jundiaí
  • João Pessoa
  • Campos dos Goytacazes
  • Botucatu
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Rio Verde
  • Ribeirão Preto
  • Mossoró
  • Goiânia

Anyone who is in a hurry to receive access, comment down here so that I may prioritize your location in the queue.

Good games!