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900 followers on Facebook and updates

LOLWAT, I spent some time not paying much attention to our Facebook fanpage and when I see it: 900 followers!


Welcome everybody! o/

By the way, sorry for the silence around here, and let me use this posts to share some updates with you guys:

I'm currently focused on developing the new version of our RPG Looking for Group platform (https://lfg.rpgist.net), with a web version with better UX and optimized for smartphones and also a native app for Android.

There have been a number of bug fixes recently in the D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper (https://dnd5.spells.rpgist.net) too, but nothing too remarkable.

Another thing that's in the oven right now is a RPGist Blog, where I'll post all kinds of updates, including those minor fixes, though it's being made more for purposes of increasing our relevance on Google than anything else.

Anyway, I am always available to chat: anyone who has questions, suggestions, etc., just call on the chat of our Facebook page or leave a comment below.

Good games!