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1000 followers on Facebook and updates

We reached 1000 likes on our Facebook page! YEEEEEEAAAAAAH \o/


To the newcomers, welcome!

And, as usual, since I am posting, an update:

Soon we will launch an update for the D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper that will allow Bards to select their Magic Secrets.

We are also doing a simple integration between the Spellcaster Helper and the Name Generator, which we hope to improve later on, but it should already help draw random character names when creating their sheets.

About the new version of the LFG, both the web version and the Android app are almost ready. I believe that this month I should launch at least the web one. The Android app might take a bit longer.

The Blog, which I mentioned in the last update, is also almost ready.

And another thing that is almost ready do launch is a single sign on (SSO) solution for all RPGist applications (http://apps.rpgist.net), which will make your lives easier, for you will not longer have to manage multiple accounts, one for each application (the ones that already exists and the ones that are coming).

Finally, as always, I am always available for a chat: if you have any suggestions, questions, etc., call me in the chat of our Facebook fanpage, or send an email to admin@rpgist.net.

Good games!