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Username in your RPGist profile

In respect of our users' privacy, the RPGist' RPG Looking for Group platform uses a customizable username as a form of identification instead of real names.

In the process of migrating the D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper to the server that runs the other RPGist apps, it has become necessary for these usernames to be accessible to other RPGist apps besides LFG.

Currently, the Spellcaster Helper identifies users by name – provided by the login with Facebook or Google – when sharing character spell sheets with each other. When the app login system is replaced by the SSO with RPGist Accounts, not all registered users will have a name in our database: those who log in via social networks have their names filled in automatically; those who register with email and password are not required to fill in their names. Having access to usernames in this case solves 2 issues:

  1. no longer exposing users' real names
  2. they act as an unambiguous form of identification that is present in all users

As a result, your usernames have been moved from LFG to your Accounts profiles, along with the rest of your personal information.

The username field has been removed from the LFG Preferences page and a link to the Accounts profile edit page (where you can change your usernames) has been added in the LFG navigation menu.

And that's it for today. Good games!