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Updating the LFG's database

Yesterday night the RPGist's RPG Looking for Group platform database had its database updated.

The LFG was the first RPGist app, started in 2014, using the technologies Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and Neo4j as the database.

Recently the app received a new version of its front end, in Angular 7, and now it was time to update the backend and database, both with the latest stable versions available.

The updates should improve both the application's performance and security.

Also, we were having problems with the space that the database was occupying on the hardrive of the RPGist servers which, from one week to the next, went from just over 100 mb to over 1 gb, without even a significant increase in the data volume. I discovered that the responsible was a Neo4j log file, called messages.log. Unfortunately, I could not discover the cause of this growth and the function of this file in the database, though it proved to be essential for the database to work: when I removed it in a test environment, all the data became unavailable. It was as if the database had been emptied.

Now, after exporting the data from the database in the old version and importing it on the one in the latest version, the database went from more than 1gb to 70mb.

By exporting the data to a new database, however, there is a chance that data will be lost. If someone misses something, please get in touch. We have everything backed up.

Good games!