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Testing cryptocurrency mining in the D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper

In the name of transparency I hereby announce that as of today I begin to test a cryptocurrency mining lib on the RPGist's D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper.

I know it is an unpopular measure, but I believe it is reasonable, as I explain below.

As many already know, RPGist is a personal project of a nerd and RPG player, like youself, who has some programming skills; there is no big company or investor behind it.

I dedicate a good part of my free time to the project, and I bow with all its costs personally, for years now, because I like it, and because I want to.

Of course, however, if I find a way to make its apps at least pay for your own costs, win win - which is still far from being a reality with the ads that already exist on the site.

I refuse to close the RPGist apps to only those who pay for them, and I try to keep monetization tactics as non-impacting to users as possible.

I have set the mining lib to the minimum configuration in order to consume as minimum as possible of your computers' resources.

In my tests, I did not feel any impact.

I also configured it to activate only on desktops, so as not to heat up and suck the battery of phones and tablets dry.

I reiterate, this is a test. If I notice that the lib is harming the usage of the app, I will remove it.

In this way, with both ads and mining, you indirectly help me keep the project alive, and growing.

And for those who prefer a more direct approach, both ads and mining are automatically disabled for donors: https://donate.rpgist.net

Please keep me informed of whether, despite the minimal configuration, you feel like the impact of the lib is beyond reasonable, and I appreciate the understanding.

Good games!