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Spellcaster Helper migrated!

It's done! The RPGist D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper is now hosted along with the other RPGist apps!

From now on, I am directly managing the application server, its database, cache service and everything else. If you see anything not working as it should, please send a message at admin@rpgist.net or on the social networks.

Along with the migration came two changes:


1. The Caster Wizard is integrated with RPGist Accounts

Accounts is RPGist's session and user information management system. Accounts allows the same login mechanisms that the Spellcaster Helper allowed (with Facebook or Google) and also allows you to login with email and password.

When logging in to Accounts at least the login mechanism you always used in the Spellcaster Helper, all your data should appear in the Spellcaster Helper normally.

The same goes for donors (https://donate.rpgist.net), when signing in to Accounts, advertisements should still not appear.


2. Usernames

All users now have a self-generated username (eg @leet1337), which appears in the upper right corner of the page if you are using the Spellcaster Helper on your computer, or within the navigation menu if on your mobile phone.

This username is unique to each user and shared across all RPGist apps. That is, anyone who has an account on the LFG and the Spellcaster Helper will see that their username is the same on both sites.

If you want to change your username, just sign in to Accounts, edit it and save.

Now, when sharing a Spellcaster Helper character with another user, the search is done by that username instead of the person's real name.


That's is. If anyone has any data or advertising issues, please get in touch. I have backups of all the information.

Good games!