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Specialization Spells

The RPGist's D&D 5e Spellcasters Helper has just received some updates:

  • Druid characters from the Circle of the Land can now select an extra cantrip
  • Wizard characters from the Illusion School now have the Minor Illusion cantrip added automatically to their lists, not counting on the maximum amount cantrips
  • Warlock characters now have access to spells from the extended list provided by their Patron
  • Cleric characters from the Light Domain now have the Light spell automatically added to their lists, not counting the maximum amount of cantrips
  • Cleric characters from the Death Domain can now select a Necromancy cantrip on their first level
  • Cleric characters from the Nature Domain can now select a Druid cantrip on their first level
  • fix: Cleric characters had undue access to cantrips a from the Druids' list. Characters that had any of them on their lists had them removed.
  • fix: Cleric characters no longer have access to the Chill Touch cantrip

Check it out: https://dnd5spells.rpgist.net

For Questions and suggestions, send an email to admin@rpgist.net or use the app's feedback tool.

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