Removal of links to Facebook profiles from LFG

Important: Add at least one contact mean to your LFG profile (, or you will become unreachable.

Some time ago, Facebook disabled the feature that LFG used to provide links from its LFG profiles to their respective Facebook profiles.

In this situation, when they are found in the searcher engine, the interested party is unable to get in touch.

I am making adjustments to deal with this issue, which for now will involve requiring every user to have at least one registered contact mean to be able to activate LFG switch.

The native links to your Facebook profiles will be removed from your profiles soon.

Links to your Facebook profiles added in the "Contact" section will not be affected.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I already planed to gradually reduce the dependency between the LFG and Facebook, which involved gradually replacing the links to users' Facebook profiles by registered contact means (which is a more recent feature), but not in that sudden and forced way .

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