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Problems with the login with Facebook on LFG

It looks like we're having trouble with the login of our RPG Looking for Group platform for a few days now.

If anyone is having this problem, please get in touch. I still could not reproduce the error, so I could not identify its cause.

What I do know is that Facebook, once again, is boycotting the application.

They issued a statement earlier this month warning that they would remove our access to some user information that the application relies upon, such as the date of birth (used to calculate age), and the current location (used to find GMs and compatible players nearby).

Theoretically, this change should happen only in March, but I noticed that the application is not receiving new registrations for some days now, which is quite unusual, and the logs are showing a lot of login errors.

I could not reproduce the error, so I still cannot fix it.

We are working bit by bit to eliminate the dependencies we have with Facebook, so that this kind of problem doesn't occur again.

For now, some news: it is no longer mandatory for the login with Facebook to to provide current location or the user. Now users can select their location manually, and change them whenever they want, on your Preferences page.

However, this feature is still restricted to Locations that already exist in the application database, that is, only those that already have some registered user linked to it.

We are working on a new feature to allow players from cities not yet present at the database also to register in the application.

PS: The new version of the LFG is heading towards the end. The mobile one should take a bit longer.