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Online RPG Group search

Answering to requests, the RPG Groups Search platform now allows the RPGists to declare interest in playing remotely / online.

The primary purpose of the project continues to be helping people with compatible game interests and schedule compatibility to meet in person to play, because nothing replaces the face-to-face RPG, but if you can only play online online for some reason: go to your profile and add interest to playing Remotely / Online.

On another note, now, we are celebrating 900 registered users in the platform, and 275 of them looking for a group right now!

We continue to work on improving the project so that it will increasingly serve the needs of the world's RPG community; if you have any suggestion of changes or new features, please leave it below, in the comments, or through the platform's feedback tool.


  1. The restriction of the application usage by cities that have a minimum amount of registered RPGists continues, since the application is still in Beta.
  2. The first ones who activate the interest in playing online will not find any match in the searcch tool since it is necessary for each user to manually activate the interest in playing remotely to start appearing in the search results. So, please, be patient. As soon as the interested people activate it, the results will start to appear!

Good games!