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Managing and searching Groups in the LFG and more

Mega update in our RPG Looking for Group platform:

  • creation and administration of RPG groups and their respective members
  • possibility of inviting users to join groups, without having to use external contact tools
  • search for vacancies in RPG groups
  • every user now has a unique nickname. Ex: @lucaspelos
  • update of the entire code base, for improved security and performance

This is only the first version of group management features. There is a lot in the TODO list yet, which will be implemented bit by bit, such as:

  • e-mail notifications and internal notifications whenever you receive a new invitation to a group, or someone asks you to join a group you manage, and related events
  • possibility of sharing public links of groups in social networks (now the access is restricted to those who are logged in)
  • comments on the group page, with Disqus, for example
  • listing of suggested groups, compatible with your gaming interests, in the sidebar of your profile
  • listing of players compatible with your group, compatible with the group's game features, in the sidebar of the group administration page

Etc., etc.

If you have any other suggestions, you can send them!

PS: A lot has been changed, which increases the chances of bugs. If you find any, please get in touch.

Good games!