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Login with Google in the D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper

It took a while but it is here! You can now sign in with your Google account in the RPGist's D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper!


For now, it is still not possible to link multiple login accounts with the same RPGist account. This is on the to-do list.

If you already have a Facebook account linked to Facebook and log in with Google, a new RPGist account will be created: your characters will not be automatically available in this new account, although you should be able to share them between the two.

When it becomes possible to link accounts, any of the login means will lead to the same RPGist account. The idea is, in the process of merging accounts, you will be able to choose if you want to load all the data from the account that will vanish to the account that will persist.

If you wish we would implement any other mean of login to the application, please contact us.