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Improving the single sign on

The RPGist has a single sign on (SSO) system, the RPGist Accounts, which was not working exactly as a single login system, but only as a user management system.

The RPGist Accounts has just been improved so that when someone logs into any of the RPGist apps, they are automatically logged into all of the RPGist apps that are integrated with the this login system, which for now are only the RPG Looking for Group platform, the LFG, and the RPGist's donation system, the Donate, but it will soon also include the D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper and all the other RPGist apps. In the same way, now, when someone logs out from any RPGist app, they will automatically be logged out of all others ones.

As a side effect of the recent changes, everyone have been automatically logged out of both the LFG and the Donate, and by back logging in in either of them, if your still have an active session in the Accounts, your will land in your respective personal info page. From there, you can simply navigate back to the app you came from, via its URL or the clicling on the icon in the upper right corner of the navigation bar.

From the following logins on this should no longer occur. When you log into Accounts you will be automatically redirected back to the app you came from.

For more details on what changed and why see What changed in the login system?