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Fix: Emails with Amazon SES


Long version:

Once again, RPGist's automatic emails have stopped working due to problems with the email service.

RPGist uses Zoho as a custom domain email service (it's free for up to 5 accounts).

Zoho has just blocked the noreply@rpgist.net account because in its terms of use, to my surprise, it says that their STMP server cannot be used for sending automatic emails.

The solution, using Amazon AWS SES (Simple Email Service) which, after a brief search, turned out to be the cheapest service: only $0.10 per 1000 emails.

The problem is that SES requires verification from Amazon before it can be used in production. I submited the request and I am waiting for the response.

As it stands now, only RPGist email addresses can be recipients of messages sent by the service.

What is already working: the feedback tool from the D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper, which sends a message to a RPGist address (me).

What isn't working yet:

  • Password recovery and email confirmation on the RPGsit Accounts
  • Invitation notifications to join a RPG group and the like on the RPGist LFG

Both are already configured to use SES. When Amazon respond, everything should go back to normal. When it happens, I'll post about it here and I'll let your know on our social media pages.

Thanks for your understanding and good games!