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Fix: Ad blocking navitagion

The RPGist's D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper uses Adversal's advertising program. The RPGist provides the ad spaces for Adversal and Adversal decides which ad to show for each user on each visit.

One of these ads that is often shown is a floating window that is larger than a mobile screen and that sits above the navigation bar of the site, preventing the use of links of the navigation menu.

I just changed the style of the navigation bar so it would sit above that ad when it appears and stay usable even when it shows up.

There are still pages where that ad will block access to some link, button or any other feature. In this case, I'll aski you to refresh the page. Theoretically, after refreshing, a new ad should appear in its place; or at least that's what seems to me to be a normal behavior.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but despite eventually showing these broken floating ads, Adversal is the the least disruptive advertising program I found.

Another solution, for those who are interested, is to make all the ads disappear: https://donate.rpgist.net