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Email notifications on LFG

RPG Group Searcher Update: https://lfg.rpgist.net

So that you do not have to log in on RPGist LFG all the time to see what's changed, we'll send you email notifications when relevant events happen.

A new Preferences page has been created so that they can control what kind of notifications you would like to receive and which ones you would rather not.


You can also choose in which email address you would like to receive these notifications. If none is filled in, the address associated with your Facebook account is used by default.

For now there are 4 notification events. Others will come soon, such as:

  • when a Group with characteristics compatible with your game interests is published
  • when a player with compatible game interests starts looking for a group
  • when someone leaves a comment in the disqus of a group that you are part of, or you manage

If you think of any other event that is worth being notified, send suggestions.

And that's what I have for today. Good games!