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Custom Spell Lists on the Spellcaster Helper

New feature on the RPGist's D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper: custom spell lists.

To create your own, go to Creations > My Spell Lists on the top menu and click "New Spell List". After that, you only need to name you spell lists and add spells to it, then click Save. That's it: now you can print and view your custom spell list whenever you want.

One thing we should do in the near future is adding the option to include a spell in a custom spell list from the spell index page.

Another thing in the TODO list is the possibility of sharing spell list, as it is already possible with character sheets.

Do you have an idea you think would make the site better? Please, leave it in the comments, or send it to us through the website feedback tool or at admin@rpgist.net.

Good games!

PS: the link to your characters page was moved to the new "Creations" submenu along with the "My Spell Lists" link.