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Clarifications about Advertisements on the websites

Keeping the RPGist applications running, the D&D 5e Spellcaster Helper (https://dnd5.spells.rpgist.net) and the RPG Looking for Group platform (https://lfg.rpgist.net) have their costs.

Many may not know, but the RPGist is a personal project, with only one responsible behind it: me.

Therefore I deal personally with all the costs to keep them running: I pay it, monthly, so that everybody can use these tools I have been developing to facilitate and improve the life of RPGists in Brazil and around the world, and I don't receive anything in return but occasional, and much appreciated, praises and thanks, and I do it happly!

Though, of course, I've been looking for ways to cut that cost down, at least partially.

That's why there are advertising spaces in the Spellcaster Helper.

Unfortunately, Google Adsense, for reasons that they refuse to clarify, have declined all my attempts to sign up for their program.

Therefore, I have researched and experimented with various alternative programs. Some of them, I refuse to use: the dishonest ones and the ones that deeply disrupt the user experience in the applications, opening popups hidden behind the browser, or leading to the advertiser site by clicking on fake download buttons, for example. The others, who I think do not disturb that much, have until now paid insignificant amounts, like a few pennies a year.

Recently having reached the mark of 10k users and 50k pageviews monthly - thank you all for that! - I was able to sign up to a new program, which I've been experimenting with in recent days.

Those who have used the Spellcaster Helper recently may have noticed strange, sometimes empty, advertising spaces, sometimes out of the space designated to them. This is the result of these experiments.

I hope the ads are not disturbing anyone to the point of refusing to use the applications, and I appreciate everyone's understanding.

By the way, to those who may be interested, there is the possibility of helping to maintain the applications running more directly: with donations through https://donate.rpgist.net.

Good games!