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So Long, and Thanks for All the Kuo-toa!

TL;DR: All RPGist.net websites will be taken down after the end of July 2024.

The RPGist project is reaching the end of its journey. This is farewell.

I started RPGist.net in 2015 as a personal project. At the time, I developed RPGist LFG with the goal of connecting RPGists who lived nearby and making it easier for in-person RPG groups to form, and I hoped it would help me find my own group as I wanted to get back into playing. It didn't work out very well. In 2016, luckily, I found a group, and we started playing the recently released D&D 5e. As I always had a preference for spellcasting characters, my first character was a Wizard. And since consulting physical books is a lot of work, I created the Spellcaster Helper. At the time, there was no official translation of D&D 5e material into Portuguese, the Spellcaster Helper was the first site to make this kind of content available, which contributed to its success, especially in Brazil.

Keeping these projects online, however, has costs, and money doesn't grow on trees. For a while, I received help from donors, and some income from ads, but although they were very helpful, the income never exceeded the costs.

Over the past 3 years, after I removed proprietary content from Spellcaster Helper and stopped updating it with content from new releases, revenue went to zero: ads stopped paying, as did donors (understandably so). And since then I've kept the site up and running just for the satisfaction of contributing to the RPG experience of thousands of people who continue to access the site every month.

Nowadays, unlike when the site was launched, there are many good alternatives to the Spellcaster Helper, including websites, apps, and VTTs.It's time for it to retire.

I learned and grew a lot working on the RPGist.net project, and I hope it brought some measure of happiness to the RPG community.

The RPGist sites will remain online until at least the end of July 2024. Until then, print your sheets, and export your Homebrew data. After that, the servers will be turned off and the websites and their content will become inaccessible.

Goodbye, and good games!